Double page spread from Marney's Mix up showing the two squirrels collecting nuts together.

Inside spread from Marney’s Mix Up.

Page from marney's mix up children's book. Shows dogs chasing a grey and red squirrel up a tree.


Grey squirrel and red squirrel having a conversation in Marney's Mix Up Children's book

Marney’s Mix Up inside pages

Children's picture book called Marney's Mix Up. A grey squirrel and a red squirrel face each other on the front cover of the book. Published by Owlet Press.

Marney’s Mix Up

happy birthday greetings card, foiled and embossed. Bright and colourful florals with leaves.

Floral Happy Birthday card

Christmas themed dinosaurs in Christmas hats. Cute and whimsical design.

Christmas dinosaurs

birthday party dinosaurs, balloons and presents stars and sparkles. Happy dinosaurs celebrating their birthday. Wrapping paper licensed to the original poster company.

Dinosaur Designs

Penguins in stockings, penguins in christmas hats and scarfs. Illustration by Sally Darby

Penguin stockings

penguins riding on a red bus at christmas time, caption reads to a special granddaughter merry christmas with love. Illustration by Sally Darby

Granddaughter penguin card

Penguins going for a ride on a red double decker bus. They are driving through snow and its Christmas time. The card says to a special grandson merry christmas lots of love. Illustration by Sally Darby

Penguins on a bus

girl penguin ice skating, niece christmas card she is wearing a pink and green pom pom hat and there is a present at the front of the card. Illustration by Sally Darby

Niece penguin card Nigel Quiney

Cute and whimsical Penguins skating on an icerink surrounded by colourful christmas trees. penguins are dressed in scarfs and hats and are wearing iceskates. This illustration is for a greetings card for card company Nigel Quiney. Illustrated by Sally Darby

Skating Penguins Nigel Quiney